The Best Pepper Sprays in Today’s Market

When talking about self-defense, pepper spray is one of the most affordable and effective weapons you can own. It is strong enough to be used by police officers but is also available to anybody to help their own safety. When used the right way, pepper spray can be highly effective against attackers and even animals. Anyone can use it.

It can be daunting to carry a weapon, even a non-lethal one. If you’re not used to it, here some info to some of your pepper spray questions, as well as our best choices for pepper sprays that will bring you the protection you need.

Which Pepper Spray is right for me?

When picking a pepper spray, you need to consider how and where you want to use and carry the spray. Will you be carrying it with you while you are walking the dog or going for a run? Do you need pepper spray you can take with you all the time in a pocket or purse? Are you wanting a spray that can be part of your home defense plan? We’ve picked our top choices for compact, small pepper sprays that can be easily taken with you. They are also available in larger sizes if need be.

Top Five Pepper Spray (Can be Purchased on Amazon)

SABRE Red Pepper Spray—Runner
Fox Labs Mean Green H2OC
Fox Labs Flip Top
SABRE Red Pepper Gel
Defense Technology First Defense 360 MK-4 Stream OC Aerosol

Because pepper spray has an impact on the respiratory system and eyes, it doesn’t matter the size of your attacker, where the person is small or big. The pepper spray will put a hurting on them. The idea is to ensure you know how to use the spray effectively and correctly.