Best Guard Dogs for Families with Children (Part II)



Similar to the Newfoundland, the bullmastiff is a gentle giant, in spite of its natural proclivity for hunting. It doesn’t bite and isn’t aggressive. But it can attack and overpower an intruder with its agility and weight.

German shepherd

This lovable dog makes both a devoted guard and a friendly pet. It binds easily with the family and will protect your children with their own lives. The German shepherd is very easy to please and train, making them fearless and confident.

Both beautiful and smart, these dogs are great options for a family dog and protection.


Made well-known by the film and television show “Lassie”, the collie is one of the most adored dogs in the U.S. as well as worldwide. It is a graceful dog that acts as a dedicated guard and an affectionate pet. If you want a watchdog that will bark whenever it senses danger, the collie is your perfect choice. This dog has a loud bark and they are very smart and easy to train. They also serve as police dogs and search and rescue animals.

Airedale Terrier

This dog is the biggest and most energetic in the terrier family. Self-confident and elegant, the Airedale Terrier is easy to train and highly intelligent. The Airedale terrier must be engaged intellectually and physically. So, don’t let them lie around on the sofa for hours. You have to remember that the Airedale Terrier necessitates more maintenance costs than a lot of other dogs on this list.

Great Dane

Another serious looking, but gentle giant, the Great Dane is friendly and easy-going and enjoys lurking around the house. So, it won’t be mad when you leave it alone. This dog has quite a frightening bark that will make intruders think twice before going on with their plots. It is your ideal choice if you want a dedicated guard dog with minimal risk of aggression.