Firearm Training for Women

From my own personal experience, have formed a set of guidelines to use when teaching someone, a woman, how to shoot.

1.Don’t pressure her. This isn’t boot camp. You will find that pressure procedures are counterproductive. Trying to pressure your female student to do something she doesn’t feel comfortable doing is only going to make sure she never accepts it.

2.Make sure to have the right safety gear. Having eye and ear protection available and explaining their use will help get rid of any fears. Also, before the weapons are introduced, go over some basic firearm safety rules:
a. Handguns are loaded, even if they are disassembled.
b. Don’t ever point your gun at anything you aren’t ready to shoot.
c. Your handgun stays on safe until you are ready to fire.
d. Your finger is straight and off the trigger until you are ready to fire.

3.Begin with a simple, small caliber gun. Explain and show the basic principles of the firearm you select. For teaching long guns to a woman, I recommend a .22 semi auto or a single shot break action firearm. If I am teaching a woman to shoot a pistol, I prefer a .22 or a .38. Make sure that if you begin with a magazine fed firearm, you keep a supply of loaded magazines ready.

4.Do not use humanoid targets. If the shooting range is outdoors, and we are using long guns, I like stale cookies. They break in a gratifying way and are biodegradable. For pistols, a regular target turned around with a paper plate stapled to the center gives a large non-threatening target.

5.Last but not least, teach slowly. Answer any questions with simple answers without going into a long lecture. The point of the first few sessions is to remove fears and let your female student become familiarized with weapons and shooting.

Personal Protection While Driving

Data shows that the number of car jackings and car thefts have never been higher. As the criminal element of our world multiplies in number and desperation, criminals have become bolder than ever before. You can’t read a newspaper or watch the news when you don’t hear about someone being victimized from car theft or worse, their car being taken from them as they are leaving home, the shopping mail, or even stopping at a red light. Is there anything you can do to protect yourself and your vehicle?

Fortunately, modern technology has delivered some ways to help protect us while driving in our vehicles. One of the latest advancements available to you is car alarm systems with keyless entry programs. This equipment gives you protection at comparatively low costs plus simplicity of installation. Anything that can get us into our vehicles safer and quicker provides faster security. These devices are available with a 500-alarm system and a dual zone shock keyless entry.

Will He Succeed?

Besides the keyless car alarm system program, you can have remote starter systems which lets you get in your vehicle quicker, but also lets you drive off quicker as well. If you need to get out of an area in a hurry, this allows that. Again, this kit is affordable and simple to install. You don’t have to fumbling around for your car keys, having keys to get into your vehicle, putting the key in the ignition and turning the engine on. Now all you need to do is open the door, sit down, and put the vehicle gear and put your foot on the gas.  This is the new development in safety and protection.
Even with all the new car systems and protection equipment that is in the market, you still must be diligent in your awareness and behavior.

Selecting the Right Guard Dog

There are many burglar alarms and home security systems available, constructed to aid you in protecting your home. Even though they are good in their own way, nothing equals a good guard dog. Guard dogs have been utilized for home protection for generations.

For many years, guard dogs have scared off home burglars. Although most criminals have gotten used to dogs, nothing stops a thief more than a vicious dog biting his/her ankle and not letting go. Almost all guard dogs have some serious biting power and can really put a hurting on a burglar. Guard dogs are schooled to protect one’s home, and they do their job regardless.

When you get a guard dog, you should make sure that you let him/her know who is safe to be around your property. You don’t want the dog to be vicious towards everyone, as friends and family are surely allowed to be in your home. Most guard dogs are left outside of the home, while some choose to keep their dog inside. Indoor dogs are great, as they will quickly catch a burglar the moment she or he decides to break into your home.

If you plan to keep your guard dog indoors, you must have food and water available, as the dog is there when you are not. Also, you’ll need to give the guard dog outdoor access to use the bathroom. A fenced in yard area is the perfect place for a guard dog to go outside. This way, the dog can come and go as they please.

Sometimes, a burglar will try and sneak around the back entrance, which is where giving a guard dog outside access can come in handy. Before getting the dog, it is a good ideal to thoroughly research the species you are interested in, as well as where you will get your guard dog. Police dogs or dogs that have been trained for protection are perfect, as they already are already groomed for protection.

How to Stay Safe in Parking Lots

How to Stay Safe in Parking Lots


There is nothing more excellent than purchasing in a mega shopping mall with more stores compared to you could go to in a year. The shopping centers get bigger and also larger each year. With even more square video footage as well as more shops comes bigger parking area. Larger parking area suggest an increasing number of consumers need to park exactly what feels like forever far from the final destination. It is good workout for certain making that expedition nevertheless it is stuffed with possible dangers amongst them are burglary, criminal damage, rape, assault, robbery as well as kidnapping.

Sadly, predators salivate at the idea of seeing a female by herself late at night in a close to vacant car park. It is merely too much of a lure. A female in those circumstances is basically helpless.

Here are some ideas to prevent possible trouble for women’s self-defense and parking area security.

1. Lock your auto on arrival. Keyless entrance is most ideal for time savings.
2. Park as near your destination as possible.
3. If assistance is available, make sure you make the most of it. The majority of grocery stores still offer his solution.
4. Try making most shopping journeys throughout the day.
5. Recognize your environments. Is the car park well lit? Exist areas where a killer could conceal?
6. Listen to that inner guide. It is better and also wiser to be safe than sorry. If you do not feel comfortable obtain a manager or security personnel to opt for you.
1. Lug some non dangerous self-defense tools like a stun gun or pepper spray or some type of personal alarm.

The Facts About Pepper Spray

The Facts About Pepper Spray


With criminal activity being much more present compared to ever nowadays, it constantly repays to protect on your own. Although there are police officers and also others available who promote the regulation, you never ever recognize when something could take place and also they typically aren’t about. To secure on your own, there are numerous products and also types of security that you can get. Amongst the products available to you, is something known as pepper spray – which is among the most usual types of self-protection.

Individual defense products such as pepper spray, will work a lot better and generate the most power when you have complete belief in on your own. When you have idea in yourself, you will trust your detects, pay attention to what is going on around you, rely on your naturally capability to safeguard on your own, as well as reveal people that you could protect on your own. Although personal protection items are wonderful to have, you have to count on yourself in order to utilize them appropriately.

The active ingredient located in pepper spray is OC (Oleoresin Capsicum). The spray can be found in 10 % or 15 %, with a heat rating of 2 million. OC is non toxic, non combustible, and comes from the popular chili pepper. When utilized as a spray, OC acts as an inflammatory agent, triggering prompt extension of the nose, throat, lungs, as well as eyes – leading to constricted breathing and short-lived loss of sight. Although it doesn’t cause fatality, the impacts will certainly last as much as 45 minutes, and also make enemies feel as if they are passing away. The impacts will certainly happen promptly, offering victims lots of time to get away as well as look for aid.

Best Ways to Protect Your Family

Best Ways to Protect Your Family


It could seem unexpected to some yet an excellent means to safeguard on your own and also your family members from physical violence might be to see more motion pictures and television. Below’s why:

A crucial media company is aiding numerous television programs and flicks to illustrate the truths of such problems as health, medications, mental illness, diabetes, sunlight safety, criminal activity and also guns.

For instance, amongst the security ideas urged for gun proprietors are:

– Find out the qualities of your firearm.

– Alleviate every gun as if it is filled.

– Always aim the muzzle in a secure instructions.

– Maintain your finger off the trigger.

– Never ever rely on a mechanical security.

– Keep the gun unloaded and also the action open until you prepare to shoot.

– Know your target and also exactly what lags it.

– Usage only the correct ammunition for your firearm.

– Know exactly what to do in instance of a misfire.

– Wear safety ear and eye devices.

– Maintain the firearm devoid of blockages.

– Do not customize your gun.

– Do not blend weapons with alcohol, over-the-counter, prescription or controlled substances; or fatigue.

The company points out that many people have a perception of gun violence that is not constantly accurate. Actually, study suggests the visibility of a gun in the house boosts the risk of a homicide by 3 times and also a self-destruction by 5 times.

Research studies suggest a weapon in the residence is more probable to be used versus the owner or proprietor’s family members, compared to as protection against a trespasser.

The group motivates script-writers to show gun physical violence realistically as well as to challenge the prominent myths and false impressions, possibly with the real world instances, current occasions, data as well as examples of weapon security as well as injury avoidance procedures. The next time you switch on the TV or go to the motion pictures, expect whether this recommendations has been followed.