For Women: Staying Safe at the Gas Station

Always stay aware of your surroundings at the gas station.

It’s a probable danger zone for women traveling alone: the gas station.

When stopping for gas or getting some snacks, women can find themselves in danger if they’re alone.

Don’t read texts or play with your phone while pumping gas. It’s even okay to be rude if someone approaches you. You need to focus on the task at hand and getting back on the road all the while staying safe. Using common sense in regard to your safety when at the gas station is always imperative. Below are some ways to stay safe when at the pump.

Go to the gas station in the daytime if possible. Typically speaking, incidents are more likely to happen if you go to a gas station in the middle of the night or at dark, when there are few people around. If you’re on the road early in the morning and need gas, contact a towing service for assistance or ask a friend/family member to pick you up.

Go to a well-lit gas station in a safe neighborhood. Sometimes you might not have a choice, but you shouldn’t have to be nervous when stopping at a gas station, especially if you have other options.

Once you find a pump and leave your car, cut off the engine and lock the doors. Don’t ever leave your car running or your doors unlocked as you get gas. It only takes seconds for someone to jump in your vehicle. 

Keep your personal items by your side. Do not leave your cell, purse, wallet in the car.

Refuel and move on. After you’ve filled up the tank and paid for your gas, put the cap on and get into your car promptly. No stalling.

While not a guarantee of stopping any wrongdoing, being accompanied by another individual when at the gas station is better than going by yourself.

Be careful and use discretion if approached by an individual wanting money, to use your cell, etc.