Hidden Everyday Weapons (Part 1)

These hidden weapons hide themselves in plain sight, impersonating regular household objects. With any luck if you visit someone with these items just sitting there, you’re not met with a challenge or you know what to do should you need to for whatever reason. Hidden weapons are deceiving and usable for situations when you might need to protect yourself.

Violence usually happens when you least expect it. To thwart violent attacks, you

Tube of lipstick with a hidden knife inside

must be fast and furious. Hand-to-hand combat is a good tool to know to swiftly dispatch an attacker. Nonetheless, you should constantly be looking for force multiplies, tools that make your counterattacks even more damaging, effective, and painful.

Owning a defensive weapon, regardless if it’s a knife, mace, or gun, for protection isn’t a bad idea. However, sometimes you don’t have it on you (i.e. places where weapons are prohibited). Moreover, what do you do if your attacker knocks your weapon out of your hand? Or, you are in a position in which you can’t get your hands on your weapon.

Thankfully, you’re always around potential weapons. When you want to find and use them, you only need to use your most vital weapon, your mind.

In the right hands, everyday items become lethal weapons. The only requirement is that you have to violate the original purpose of the object. But when your life is in jeopardy, you do what you have to do.

Take a look at the list of suggested everyday objects that can become improvised weapons. You can use this as a jump off point to consider how other objects could save your life in a hurry. When you’re out and about outside, get in the habit of checking out your environment and thinking about what could be used as a weapon if push comes to shove.