Hidden Everyday Weapons (Part 2)

Everyday Weapons for Self-Defense:

Hot Coffee

Fresh smelling coffee brewing is one of the nicest smells imaginable. Take comfort in the fact that if you’re ever threatened while pouring or drinking a nice, hot cup of joe, you don’t just have a wonderful smelling cup of coffee in your possession, but a good weapon too.

Swing that coffee pot upside your attacker’s head. The hit will stun him or her, the shards of glass will get into the mouth, and the piping hot coffee will make him or her know that they messed with the wrong one.

Coffee Mug

Same procedure as the coffee pot, just on a littler scale. Fling the hot coffee from your mug into the attacker’s face and then continue to bash him/her in his/her face with a fierceness.

Fire Extinguisher

Fire extinguishers can be used in a fire and a personal. Blast the attacker in the

Look around for opportunities to defend yourself

face to momentarily distract him/her and disrupt his intentions. While he’s guessing what’s going on, smash him in the head with the canister of the extinguisher.


In the right hands and in the right position, the pen is truly mightier than the sword. A stainless- steel pen can be used to stab your attacker. Put it in an overhand grip and target vulnerable parts of the body such as the throat and face


Besides starting your car or getting you into your home, keys can horribly maim a violent attacker. Put the keys in your hand so their points are sticking out between the fingers of your fist. Start punching your assailant in vulnerable parts of the body (throat and face).


Just like your belt should match the color of your shoes, you should know that it can be used as a weapon in a hurry. You use it the same way your parents did back in the day, giving you the ass whoopin’ of your life. But don’t hold back. Use the buckle too and go for the face. If you can get close enough, wrap it around the neck for some good old-fashion strangling.