Hidden Everyday Weapons (Part 3)

Everyday Weapons for Self-Defense:


Everyone should not only have a flashlight, but realize the way to use it as a weapon. There are even flashlights in the market that will tell you that they not only are good for finding items in the dark, but can be used as a weapon.

Maglite Flashlight

Maglite Heavy Duty D Cell flashlights are excellent makeshift billy clubs. Many specialized tactical flashlights have a toothed or serrated bezel that can be used to knock the hell out of your attacker.

After you’ve shined the bright light of a high-powered flashlight in your assailant’s eyes and disorientated him, strike his face with the toothed bezel as hard as you can. The movement should be like vehemently stamping him with a huge rubber stamp.

Aluminum Water Bottle or Stainless-Steel Drink Container

An aluminum water bottle or stainless-steel drink container helps you stay hydrated and keeps your drink hot or cold while sidestepping all those bad and harmful xenoestrogens found in plastic bottles. It can also be used to put a hurting on a violent attacker. Basically, you want the bottle to contain a liquid so your homemade club has some extra weight. Bash your attacker’s face and head with it.

If your bottle has a key ring, slip your belt through the ring and secure it. Now you’ve got a flail to light into our assailant. Swing anywhere and hit everywhere as often as you can.


Smartphones have been constructed to take a beating. Ironically, they can be used to give a beatdown.

Firmly hold your smartphone in your hand and smash the edge and corners of it into vulnerable parts of the body like the neck, eyes, face, throat, and nose.

If you can, put your phone in a sock and use as a sap.