Hiring a Bodyguard: What You Need to Know (Part 1)

Bodyguards, the supreme status symbol for executives, politicians, celebrities, and executives, but they aren’t just for them any longer. A private security firm provides professional protection with services usually beginning at around $30 per hour.

With everyone from mercenaries to armed chauffeurs as security personnel, there’s individuals to suit any situation. A altering economic climate in this country causing bankruptcies or layoffs creates risks, which creates people willing to attack or stalk someone else.

An executive’s perception of wealth or their political views can be liabilities. Bodyguard protection can come at around $1,500 a day. A security system is also pricey. But, these prices aren’t anything compared to a lost business or even loss of life.

Entrepreneurs typically try to talk down the risks facing them. Yet, security must be a part of the overall operations strategy. A complete evaluation of the workplace and the risks that can happen will help to decide how to respond to security needs.

Ways to assess your risk and decide whether you need a security team or bodyguard.

  1. Public exposure. Are you always doing public speaking engagements or conducting business seminars? Are you featured flagrantly in the business community? Do you always see your name online? If you answered yes to any of these questions, you are in the public and one that brings risk to your physical safety and the safety of your employees and loved ones.
  2. Corporate climate. What’s happening in your office? Recent layoffs and/or terminations? Do you have employees going through any domestic violence situations? Pressures in the workplace are a vital indicator of personal risk.
  3. Security plan. Do you have one? You need to create one. Look at what you are doing right now to protect yourself, your employees and the business. Is your staff trained to deal with complex clients? Do you have a closed-circuit-television monitoring systems with alarms and panic buttons in your office?