Hiring a Bodyguard: What You Need to Know (Part 2)

How do you hire personal protection or security personnel. Contact other executives. Talk with other executives to get a list of reputable security firms.

Make anonymous inquiries. Once you’ve gathered a list, request materials to be sent to a mailbox rental or private address. You want impartial information, and you want to process to stay on the down low.

Interview. Choose security firms or personnel bodyguards based on the info you receive. You want some with a like-minded personality and advanced skills. These individuals should be knowledgeable and working towards helping you achieve preventative, proactive security strategies, regardless if it’s an alarm system for your office or a bodyguard.

Experience. Inquire your prospective firm about the types of clients they’ve worked for and the different circumstances they’ve come across.

Hypothetical situations. Make up a hypothetical situation based on a real company event and ask the candidate how he would handle the situation. Then ask yourself: does this make sense?

Culture. Whoever you hire needs to be able to understand your culture and your business. They must to be able to adapt their experience and expertise to your environment.

Be unpredictable. Human beings like schedules and so do anyone that wants to hurt you. Change your routine, including the time you leave for/come home from work, places you go on a regular basis, and the routes you take to get anywhere.

Be aware. Look around you, when you’re going to your car. Pay attention to anyone who approaches you, regardless of age, race, or sex. Be aware of strangers and situations/people that make you uncomfortable.

Safeguard exposure and access. Is your home address listed online? Does the people around you know how to manage difficult people? By managing those with whom you are in contact and how contact is dealt with, you limit the risk.

Go with your instincts. If you feel uncomfortable with anyone or any situation, get away. Your instincts are inside you for a reason. Don’t ignore them.