How to Be Safe If You’re Caught in a Mass Shooting (Part II)

The best thing to do in a mass shooting situation is to overcome your feelings of panic, run away, and find help.

For that reason, it’s conceivable that if you’re ever in a life-or-death situation, you might just do what your natural instincts press you to do: get away as fast as possible and seek protection in authority figures trained to handle the situation. Luckily, experts state that’s exactly what you should do.

Though instincts aren’t always correct and the best way to make the call in an emergency is to have the know-how ahead of time necessary to act without thinking. It’s a tall order to overcome the natural state of fear and panic that comes with violence. Though, being able to make a quick decision to trust your instincts or to change course might be what saves your life.

Be Aware of Your Surroundings

Your safety begins with being keenly aware of your surroundings. You may think this goes without saying, but considering folks fall down over themselves looking at their phones or texting while they walk, it’s surprising how few folks truly pay attention to what’s going on around them.

We’re not saying you have to be paranoid, just observant. Take a look around, see how many folks are close to you, and what they’re doing. Take a mental note of anything that looks out of place. Obviously if you see something that must be reported to authorities, you should, but for lots of us, this is a matter of checking out how crowded an area is before we enter, taking a peek around at the folks inside and how they react when we walk in and paying attention if there’s a situation developing.

If you do see a disturbance, such as a hostile customer shouting at a cashier, an arguing couple, or police activity, look around for exits to get to if things get out of control.