How to Be Safe If You’re Caught in a Mass Shooting (Part IV)

There’s safety in numbers. If you’re truly stuck in a horrible situation, your best bet is to defend your safe space if possible. Coordinate your defense and try to keep everyone alert and calm. Whatever you do, don’t come out from your safe space until the danger is over and safety comes to find you, not the other way around.

Fight for Your Life

Also, if getting away from danger or getting to a safe space aren’t options for you, you might have to fight for your life. It must be an absolute last resort. Remember, violence like stabbings or shootings are terrifying, full of panic, frightened people, and disorganized. The threat might not be clear. You might have no way to fight back since you have no idea who or what you’re up against. Worst of all, there’s no way for you to correctly gauge the threat unless you’ve been trained to do so.

If you’re in a safe space that’s no longer safe or you have some protection in numbers, try to coordinate with others to safeguard the group. You hear about this all the time when passengers on a plane come together to strap down a crazy passenger.

Lamps are great for adding light to a dark room but they can also be great weapons if you need to fight back in a mass shooting.

If you and others can do some sort of coordinated attack, that can help. Things like lamps and chairs make good weapons. Fight for your life!

Seize any opportunity

If the attacker’s gun needs to be reloaded or jams, use this moment to either run away or at him.

In short, your safety and the safety of others is vital. If you can secure it without being directly involved, do so. If that safety isn’t an option or a chance to defuse the situation presents itself and you’re in the mindset and position to take it, do so as a last resort.