How to Be Safe If You’re Caught in a Mass Shooting (Part V)

You definitely need to call 911 but you should make sure you’re in a safe spot to do so first.

Help Others When Possible

You might think that contacting the authorities is the first thing you must attempt to do. It’s not. As mentioned, the first thing you must do is secure your safety and then you call the police. You don’t want to put attention to yourself by dialing 911 if you’re hiding and waiting for the danger to be gone.

Also, you won’t be able to offer any helpful information if you’re running from danger and panicking at the same time. If your safe spot has an exit, like a window to the outdoors, use it. Be sure that it’s safe for you to talk, put your phone on silent, dial 911, and speak as softly as possible.

Helping Others

The same applies to helping others. While you should definitely help other folks to safety when you can, once you’re in a safe area, nobody should leave. You must be highly wary of anyone trying to get access to your safe area before the danger is over.

Shooters, for instance, often want to rack up a high body count as quickly as possible. Opening the door to your safe space may give them a chance they wouldn’t have otherwise.

When police do come, stay where it’s safe and remain quiet. Remember that their aim is to offer security and to make an unsafe situation safe again not just for you, who might be stuck inside, but for others, such as EMTs and firefighters who are there to attend to people who may be injured or need evacuation. If you see or hear the police, don’t go running out from your safe spot until ordered to do so. Just because they’re there doesn’t mean the area is safe.