How to Legally Make Your Own Gun (Part II)

Some people would rather make their own guns.

Because of strong gun laws, many folks are interested in making their own guns. A firearm can be made by a non-licensee provided it isn’t for sale and the maker isn’t prohibited from possessing firearms, according to the ATF. Crafting a primitive firearm is as easy as placing a bullet in a pipe. Constructing a more complex firearm is possible for those who want to invest the effort and money. Always use high caution when handling or assembling firearms.

Get the necessary parts. The United States Army has literature about creating small arms with a small amount of readily available parts for use in emergency combat situations. To craft a basic 9mm gun, you’ll need:

  • 4-6 inches of quarter-inch nominal steel pipe, threaded on each end
  • Steel pipe couplings (2)
  • Quarter-inch pipe plug
  • Rubber bands (2)
  • A thin metal strap (5 inches)
  • Nail (1)
  • Wood screws (2)
  • Drill

Please note: If you try to fire a bullet from a piece of pipe that you have in your hand and that bullet doesn’t fit properly in the piping, or the pipe isn’t big enough to withstand the pressure of the expanding explosion you’re creating by striking the bullet, the pipe is going to blow up in your face, injuring or killing you. Again, use extreme caution.

Use a 9mm bullet as a guide. Casings come in various calibers or sizes. You need to use the size of the bullet to measure the opening in pieces of prospective pipe. 9mm is a usual round size, and it’s 0.38 of an inch. If you want to fire a .38 round, utilize a 0.38 caliber round as the source for all measurements. Find an accurately sized drill bit matching the diameter of the projectile or a pre-drilled piece of piping.