How to Stay Safe If You’re Stuck in an Elevator (Part I)

If you ever get stuck in an elevator, focus on staying calm and getting help.

Getting stranded in a stalled elevator can be frightening, particularly if you aren’t a fan of enclosed spaces. If you are stuck in an elevator, don’t fret. Focus instead on getting help and then remaining calm in the elevator so you’re safe and aren’t at risk of injury. By following the tips below, you will likely be out of the stranded elevator quickly.

Getting Help in the Elevator

Don’t panic! Most elevators are secure when they are stuck. They won’t free fall and are secure even when stopped. Also, the elevator is not airtight so you will have plenty of oxygen to remain in the elevator safely.

Besides, you shouldn’t worry about being stuck in the dark in the elevator. Most elevators will still have working lights even when stuck. There is likely emergency lighting that will come on in the elevator if the power goes out.

If for some reason there is smoke in the elevator, you might attempt to pry open the door to let in fresh air or to try to escape. But this can lead to being injured. So, unless the smoke is severe and overpowering, you must not tamper with the elevator doors in any way.

Press the “call” or “alarm” button in the elevator. Look for these two buttons on the panel in the elevator. Or, it might have a phone symbol or alarm bell on it. Press this button to let building maintenance know that you are stuck in the elevator. There should be someone on the other end who can answer your call and get assistance for you.

If there is no alarm button, there might be an emergency telephone in the elevator. Use the emergency telephone to call for help.