Keep Your Home Safe for Your Baby (Part II)

A kitchen is a place of many dangers to the tiny humans in your home. Here are some tips on how to keep them safe.


Rotate pot handles to the back of the stove.

Use the back burners on the stove for cooking.

Keep hot drinks and foods out of reach and away from the edge of a table or counter.

Keep sharp objects and knives locked up or in childproof cabinets and drawers.

Keep appliance cords wind up and out of reach.

Put latches on cabinet drawers to keep your little one from opening them. This will also help to stop your little one from smashing her or his fingers between the cabinet when closing it.

Throughout the house

Keep vitamins, cleaning supplies, medicine, and other poisons in locked cabinets. Children can’t differentiate between candy and medicine.

If your child swallows something she or he shouldn’t contact the poison control center ASAP. Keep the telephone number on speed dial in your cell and on your landline.

Houseplants should be put out of your infant’s reach. A few houseplants are toxic. Get in touch with your local poison control center to find out if your plants are harmful.

Use toddler gates at the bottom and top of stairs. Don’t use gates with wide spaces between the slats. Little ones can get stuck in the openings.

Put doorknob covers on doors that lead to the basement, garage, attic, or outdoors. This will aid in preventing your child from going where he or she isn’t supposed to.

Keep children away from windows to stop accidental falls. Screens are for keeping bugs out, not to keep little ones in. Use window guards to keep your young children from falling out. Keep furniture, especially chairs, away from windows so little ones can’t climb up. If possible, have windows in your home that open from the top, not the bottom.