Keep Your Home Safe for Your Baby (Part II)

There are many things to consider when keeping your home safe for your child.


Pick cautiously when shopping for toys. Buy toys that are appropriate and well-made for your child’s age.

Don’t get toys that have little parts, sharp edges, or sharp points.

Young children twist, pull, and prod toys. Look for toys with really secured parts.

Pay attention to the safety information on the toy or labels.

Avoid games with balls, marbles, and other toys that have parts tinier than 1 3/4 inches in diameter or littler than two inches long. These products can choke infants if swallowed.

Keep toys for older children away from infants and babies.


Since small children can drown in very little water, you must always stay with your infant when he or she is in the bathtub. Never, ever leave your little one alone or with an older child in the tub or bathroom, not even for a minute. If you have to answer the door or phone, take your child with you.

Always test the water before putting your young child in the tub. Infants and babies have tender skin and can easily burn if the water in the tub is too hot. Place your water heater at 120°F or less.

Add non-skid rubber decals or mats to the bottom of your bathtub to lessen the risk of your little one slipping while in the tub. Be sure your child sits during his or her bath. Encourage this by giving your child water-safe toys to play with.

Put a lock on the lid of your toilet to prevent your infant from falling in.

Keep electrical items such as hair dryers away from the water. Unplug them when not in usage.

Be sure your little one never run in the bathroom. Your floor or your child could be wet and cause injury to him or herself.