Keep Your Home Safe for Your Baby (Part IV)

The drop-side crib feature is no longer considered safe.

When your baby can push up, you have to remove pillows, bumpers, and toys from the crib, including toys that are hung across the playpen or crib. Your infant can step on these things or use them to get out of the crib and injure him or herself.

Note: In 2011, a new crib safety standard did away with the choice of having one side of the crib drop down since this drop-side feature caused numerous infant deaths. If you purchase a new crib, this will not be a problem. Though a crib built before 2012 may have the drop-side “feature” risk built-in. You can reduce the risk in an older crib if you can permanently screw the drop-side into the end posts so the drop-side can’t drop down any longer.

Other helpful tips:

Use plastic inserts to cover electric outlet openings that are not being used.

Keep firearms out of the home. If guns are in the home, unload them, put them in a locked place, and keep the keys out of your child’s reach. Put the gun in a separate spot from the bullets.

When your baby is placed on anything above the ground, like a changing table, always be nearby with your hand on your infant.

Things to consider

Don’t keep toys on the top of a tall dresser or upper shelf of a bookcase. Your child might climb the furniture to get the toy and fall.

Don’t put a tablecloth on your table. Your child could pull on the cloth and fall. Also, items from the table then could fall onto your little one.

Keep cigarettes and alcohol out of reach.

Keep plastic bags away from little ones.

Lock lighters and matches in a cabinet that is taller than your shoulders.