Kid Safety at the Bus Stop (Part I)

Bus stops can be dangerous but these tips will help keep your child safe. 

Kids who are walking to the bus stop, waiting for the bus, and getting on and off the bus are in danger of different types of hazards, like slip and fall accidents, vehicles driving nearby, and numerous others. We all have to do our part to make sure that kids can get to and from school safely.

Here are some tips for drivers and parents to keep school kids safe around bus stops:

For Parents

Have your child(ren) Arrive Early: Safety begins with being sure your children get to the bus stop before the bus’s scheduled arrival. Regardless if you are walking them to the stop or they are going on their own, make sure they get there at least five minutes or so ahead of time. Hurrying to catch the bus at the last minute can create all types of hazards, so make it a habit for your kid to get to the stop ahead of time.

Exercise Caution around Buses: School your children to be careful when they are waiting for the bus. Have them remain at least seven big steps away from the curb and let them know that the bus stop is not a place to be running around and playing. Kids must never walk behind a school bus. If your kid has to cross the street at a crosswalk opposite a school bus, teach them to always make eye contact with the bus driver so they realize the driver can see them.

For Drivers

Drive Slowly: When driving in behind buses or in school zones, make sure to slow down and give yourself lots of time to react to pedestrian and bicycle traffic and quick school bus stops. Buses often need to slow down to drop off and pick up children. Also, they are obliged to come to a total stop at all railroad crossings. Always drive at a safe speed when you are behind a bus and while children are around the bus stop.