Kid Safety at the Bus Stop (Part II)

The best thing you can do as a driver is to pay attention to the bus stops. 

For Drivers (Continued)

Watch for Kids Approaching or Leaving: Children are unpredictable. They frequently jump out into traffic when they are in a hurry to catch the bus. Also, horseplay at the bus stop can be a hazard as kids can sometimes end up in the street. Be watchful of children walking on sidewalks and crossing the street close to bus stops and be really cautious when they are nearby.

Avoid Distractions: When kids are near or at a bus stop, drivers need to use their whole peripheral vision to remain focused on what is happening around them. Avoid distractions like texting and be alert. It is not worth risking a life to read an email. 

Tips for Children

Listen to the driver. Remind your children to pay attention to any directions that come from the driver and bus monitor. These two individuals are great resources for children and trained to offer the safest trip possible. Introduce your new rider to the driver and supervise so he can learn their names and will feel comfortable talking with them if questions or issues come up. 

Cross with caution. Explain to your kids that he shouldn’t walk behind the bus. If they need to cross the street, they should do so in front of it. It’s critical to make eye contact with the bus driver so the driver knows they are crossing. Be sure your child walks on the sidewalk or along the side of the street to a spot at least five big steps in front of the bus before crossing.

Watch the wheels. warns that if a kid drops something after getting off the bus and it rolls beneath the wheels, he or she should tell the driver instead of trying to get it.