Safest Colleges in US (Part I)

Protecting our children doesn’t stop when they go to college. We want to make sure that they are safe while they earn their degrees.

College years should be the most magical time in a person’s life. From falling in love parties, and changing majors to the experience of pressure and stress that guarantees friends for life, celebrating successes, and learning from failures. Having a safe environment to do this is of the utmost importance.

And for parents sending their children off to college, safety is typically a chief concern. It is usually the first time that their children are on their own, living independently outside of the home. Picking a school with a good reputation for security and a low possibility for dangerous threats allows parents to breathe easier once their son or daughter is off to earn a degree.

Here is my list of the Safest Colleges in America

Due to the numerous variables in play like location, campus size, and culture, coming up with a fair and accurate ranking is a challenge. Some may say that campuses that rank high on a safety list have better PR in place instead of really being safer.

While these are real concerns (it is always suggested that prospective students and their parents visit the colleges to see and feel the campuses for themselves), I do feel that we have been able to rank objectively and fairly. Not only have we used data submitted to the FBI, but we have also looked over this data relative to the surrounding area of the campus.

Lincoln Memorial University

Harrogate, Tennessee

Lincoln Memorial University in Tennessee takes a wide range of measures to guarantee campus safety. They’re campus police and security team providing services such as:

  • Door locks and unlocks
  • Patrols
  • After hours escort service
  • Camera monitoring
  • Dispatching for both emergency and non-emergency situations


Also, students can call an anonymous tip line to report to the campus police. Besides submitting crime reports to the FBI, they have an annual security report and perform Sex Offender Registry searches.