Safest Colleges in US (Part II)


South Georgia State College

You can rest easier knowing that you’re children are attending a safe college like these.

Douglas, Georgia

To guarantee safety, South Georgia State College has created the Live Safe security app which offers a simple way of communicating campus safety problems. It has features that encourage safety and awareness on campus. ​From the app, students can straightway contact the campus police with video, text, photo, or audio. The Go Safe feature provides access to security escorts and safe walks on campus. ​With the app, students also have access to alerts and a range of resources enhancing security.

Elon University

Elon, North Carolina

The security staff of Elon University lives by a set of standards that guarantee the campus is safe and enjoyable for all who study, live, and work there:

  • ​All people should be treated with respect and dignity.
  • Officers must strive to garner the community’s trust by the way in which they conduct themselves.
  • The property, life, and human rights of all people must be protected.
  • An open exchange of ideas and information benefits both our department and the University community.
  • Elon University and every member of the department must support the mission for it to be achieved.
  • Every department must strive to be receptive, progressive, and innovative in the performance of their duties.

Jackson State Community College

Jackson, Tennessee

The website of Jackson State Community College has several resources on security and safety including yearly reports from the past four years. One may also find reading material about:

  • Personal Safety
  • Emergency Management Guidelines
  • Domestic Violence Information
  • Possession and Use of Weapons


John Wood Community College


John Wood Community College is a tiny campus in Quincy, Illinois. It is a two-year, open admissions college, ranking as one of the safest in the nation. The college has a 100% acceptance rate and a 50% graduation rate. Of all the graduates, over 85% are employed within two years of graduation.