Safest Countries for U.S. Travelers (Part I)

In addition to its beautiful landscape, Ireland also ranks as one of the safest countries for U.S. citizens to travel.

Are you fretting about travel safety in 2019, but still wanting to visit some beautiful, spectacular countries? This list has the safest countries to visit.


Ireland was given a good safest place score and it ranks at the top in the Global Peace Index. It’s ranked low on political violence, terrorism, and militarization. The State Department gives it the safest advisory level (level one).

Where to stay: The Clontarf Castle Hotel is ranked high for a reason: affordable pricing. Visitors get to stay in a castle just minutes from Dublin’s heart.


Australia directly follows Ireland with a high score. It has very low rates due to political instability, little violent crime, and militarization. The State Department gives Australia a level one.

Where to stay: Melbourne’s well-known Victorian hotel, The Hotel Windsor, is a graceful choice in the center of the city.


Iceland has a top Global Peace Index Rating as a result of really high marks for social support, safety, and political stability. One of the chief problems you’ll face in Iceland is over-tourism, resulting in the fact that so many folks agree it’s a fabulous place. The State Department gives it a level one.

Where to stay: Visitors enjoy the little town feel of the Frost and Fire Hotel in Hveragerdi. Its cozy and private accommodations make you feel right at home.


Switzerland’s Global Peace Index shows really low terrorism, crime rates, and great political stability. The real risks you face are to your purse, wallet, and credit cards. How much you’ll have to use them, not robbery. The State Department puts it at level one and the safest places score is close to 3.

Where to stay: Hotel des Balances is one of Lucerne’s most well-liked waterfront hotels. Enjoy amazing views and a soothing ambiance for an economical price.