Self Defense Moves Anyone and Everyone Can Learn to Do (Part II)

Neck: The side of the neck is a larger target. This is where the jugular vein and carotid artery are located. You probably can temporarily daze your assailant with a knife hand strike (karate chop) at the side of the neck.

Knee: The knee is the perfect self-defense target, vulnerable from any angle and easily kicked without risk of your foot being grabbed. Kick the side of the knee to incapacitate your attacker and deliver some serious hurt. Kicking the front of the knee may hurt your attacker, but probably won’t knock him/her off balance.

How to Increase the Pain

Fighting off an attacker. Refuse to be a victim.

Use your head, knees, and elbows. Here are the body parts used most effectively for causing damage: your elbows, knees, and head. They’re your body’s bony built-in weapons.

Use everyday objects. Everyday objects you have on you or things in your setting can be used to your benefit as weapons. Hold a pen or key between your middle and ring finger while you’re walking home in the dark to use as a weapon.

If you’re outdoors, throw some sand or dirt in your attacker’s eyes. Women are frequently told to spray hairspray or perfume into an assailant’s eyes. The point is, use whatever you have to bring your attacker to his/her knees.

Leverage your weight. Regardless your strength, weight, or size in relation to your attacker, you can defend yourself by tactically using your body and the laws of physics. This is the belief behind martial arts such as Jujitsu and other self-defense programs where a littler person is capable of defeating a bigger one.

Remember, when it comes to self-protection, you have to use you smarts as well as your body parts. Self-defense is more than just pepper spray and a kick in the nuts. It’s knowing when and where to strike your attacker and doing so quickly.