Self-Defense Weapons That Are Tiny, Trendy and Deadly (Part II)

Tiger Lady Self-Defense Claw

Tiger Lady Self-Defense Claw

Well, here’s your chance to be a Wolverine. The Tiger Lady Claw is a hand-held, lightweight claw that you can carry anywhere.

The sharp claws does extreme damage to clothing and skin. The wrist strap makes sure that it stays securely in your hand. The best thing about the Tiger Lady is that it is crafted to collect the DNA of your assailant, meaning the police can identify him or her later.

Black Cat Self-Defense Keychain

This kitty keychain is cute, but that’s just a front. One of the most convenient self-defense weapons in the market, the Black Cat goes on your keyring or in your purse so that you always have it with you. If you sense danger, put your fingers through the holes and make a fist to turn the Black Cat into a sharp slashing tool.

Cheetah Jogger Spiked Knuckle Stun Gun

If you want something with more of a bite, take a look at the Cheetah Stun Gun. One end has a nasty set of spikes, while the other gives off 4.8 million volts of electricity. This tool weighs 0.6 lbs. and is only 5 inches tall.

Intended for joggers, the Cheetah’s small design makes it ideal for you to carry in your hand or purse. Plus it comes with a safety switch to stop you from unintentionally shocking or stabbing yourself.

Little Viper Pepper Spray Bracelet

Little Viper Pepper Spray Bracelet

A convenient solution to a standard choice, the Little Viper inconspicuously carries a maximum dose of pepper spray right on your wrist.

The silicone bracelet comes in three colors and lets you keep your hands free without sacrificing easy access to the pepper spray when you need it most. The spray goes close to three feet, and if you use it to protect yourself, Little Viper will send you a replacement canister free of charge.