Steps to Using a Sword for Self Defense

If you look at it in historic terms, swords have killed way more people than guns. Therefore, it’s understandable that folks may consider them as alternatives to guns.

Before we go any further into this, I’d like to remind everyone, just in case, that while blades have a place, something like a sword shouldn’t even be considered in countries where you can legally own firearms. Even a double barrel shotgun would be a way much alternative. If you live in America, the choices you have in firearms makes even considering a sword for self-defense a silly idea.

Buy a Glock. If you’re worried about stopping power get one in 357 SIG or 10mm. A sword shouldn’t even be in the scenario.

With that being said, let’s suppose you can’t own a gun. Then, a sword is your 2nd best option. I’ve mentioned over and over again that even if you carry a concealed gun you should also have a switchblade too. The reason for this is that if you’re fighting or struggling with your assailant, the blade is more useful than any firearm. Moreover, if your gun isn’t working, the knife can be used as a weapon.

But what about swords? The first problem we see with them is that you of course can’t carry it with you all day, every day. Getting a big sword means you have a tool for self-defense with you all day, every day. You should know that there are blades for self-defense and blades for war.

A short, broad sword with a sharp tip can serve your purpose. Machetes possess similar characteristics, all but the penetrating tip. When it comes down to it, it all depends what you need and what your personal preference is.