Students Nationwide are Fighting Back Against Campus Violence

Undergraduates across the US are taking their safety into their own hands, creating student-run programs to enhance security on college campuses.

College campuses once were safe places where young adults from all around the globe felt comfortable and happy.

Campus safety should be a number one priority

Universities should be a place where parents are fine with sending their children, a place that is worth leaving home for. Sadly, nowadays colleges have been filled with questionable decisions, leaving many students feeling anything but comfortable and safe on their campuses.

College students have a big role in shaping the attitude and atmosphere of their campus. They also have a chief role in tackling the issue of campus safety.

Student Programs Encouraging Campus Safety

Some student programs that promote campus safety have spread across numerous colleges. To address the serious issue of sexual assault, an issue that explains why many women feel unsafe on their campuses, the “Not On My Campus” movement was established.

This student-organized movement is dedicated to creating a safer environment on campus and ending the silence regarding sexual assault. The group has also organized events and speakers on several campuses. They are also responsible for schooling audiences about the subject and giving support to victims, all of which is done to spread the word and help stop sexual assaults that happen all too frequently on college campuses.

With all the triumph that student organizations have had, it is clear that safety problems can be improved with the actions of a school’s student body. By joining together in groups like student government, so much has and can be achieved.

Though, there’s plenty of work still to be done. As students, we must never stop working to make our campus a safer place. After disturbing events happen, our campuses must feel like a community where those live are secure and supported. College students must also practice self-care and know what resources are accessible.