The 411 on SimpliSafe Home Security System

Just like the name suggests, Simpli Safe Security is simple to install and operate.

When you purchase your home security system for Simpli, it comes pre-programmed and ready to work. As the customer, you connect the equipment, and you are good to go.

One of the biggest differences between Simpli and other companies is the fact that there is no contract. You just choose the flexible monthly monitoring that works for you. If you decide not to get monitoring service, you are left with only an alarm. Meaning, when your alarm goes off, the police, the central monitoring center, or you is contacted. Simpli offers no-pressure home security service. This company operates like a pre-paid, no-contract cell phone company.

The window and doors sensors even come with 3M Command Strips attached to them for durable mounting. In addition, the customer service is reported to being very accommodating. Customers who needed to replace their equipment were sent shipping packages and a pre-paid label for their returns quickly.

If you want features, such as cellular monitoring, you will have to pay extra. This could be a discouraging fact, especially since so many other home security companies include this in their packages. This also means if your control panel is malfunctioning, you will not be able to communicate with the monitoring center. You also need to know that one of the reasons the services are so inexpensive is because you pay a hefty upfront fee for the equipment.

Furthermore, there is no connecting your door locks, thermostat, or other features that are popular in the home security industry. Also, Simpli doesn’t offer security cameras. However, with 100% wireless technology, you really don’t need it. If you need to arm or disarm your alarm, you can do so with your keyfob. Just remember, if you want to view the activity in and around your property through your personal electronics (smartphone, tablet, laptop), it is going to cost you extra.