The Safest Cities to Raise Children (Part II)


Village of Shorewood, Wisconsin

In the Village of Shorewood, your odds of falling victim to a violent crime is less than one in 1,000. Lifetime residents can attest to the culture of safety in this suburb of Milwaukee.

Exeter, New Hampshire

These towns have a great sense of community.

Who better to tell us why Exeter is a great town for children than one of the children themselves?

“It is not unusual to find my friends and I walking around downtown Exeter, browsing the boutiques or hitting up Stillwells for the top-quality ice cream.” “The atmosphere of the town is very welcoming and full of happy folks who love and share a sense of solidarity for their town.”

Monroe, Wisconsin

Summer is prime time for children to get out and enjoy the break from school. Monroe ensures those children have lots of activities to keep them entertained. The Monroe Public Library has numerous summer programs like Storytime at the Farmer’s Market and Musical Movie Mondays.

Milford, New Hampshire

Those who call Milford home can’t stop chatting about how safe they feel and the friendly presence of law enforcement. Milford officers are more likely to be found playing baseball or hanging out at the park than chasing down crooks due to the low crime rate and sense of community that keeps people looking out for one another.

Claremont, New Hampshire

Located on the banks of the Sugar and Connecticut Rivers, Claremont is an outdoor lover’s paradise. There are lots of parks and hiking trails for children to explore. Though, we urge parents to keep water safety in mind at all times with such easy access to the town’s rivers.

Burlington, Wisconsin

We discovered that teens tend to see the Burlington pace a bit slow, which strengthens our assessment of how safe this Wisconsin city is. Children of any age like an impressive park system, short walks to local schools, and the yearly ChocolateFest that celebrates the local Nestlé chocolate factory.