Tips on Avoiding a Home Invasion

A home invasion is when burglars get into a home or apartment by force. This is a most frightening crime, since most folks think of their living spaces as defense from the outside world. Home invasions usually happen on the weekend or at night, pursuing residents and homes in which valuables are supposed to be. We all want complete security, but in these times, that isn’t real. Therefore, here are some tips to help you avoid a home invasion.

Know Your Neighbor/Neighborhood

As the saying goes, “it is best to be safe than be sorry.” This is no more truer than when it comes to questioning anyone or anything that looks out of the ordinary in your neighborhood. If you come out your front door, and you see a car full of people sitting there, go around the block and see if it is still there.

On that same note, pay attention to lawn care companies that visit your neighborhood. If you see anything out of the ordinary, call 911. It is better to look crazy then to stop a crime from taking place. Also, learn the patterns of your neighbors, particularly what sort of cars they drive, how many folks live in the homes, etc.


While driving your luxury vehicle around is your mode of operation, it can also indicate to thieves that you allegedly have money in your home. Wearing expensive clothes and jewelry draws criminals to you.

Home Security System

If you want supreme protection for your house, you might want to invest in a home security system including sensors, motion detectors, and cameras. Today’s home alarm systems are very affordable and they are well worth the money. For instance, a redundant camera aids to capturing footage of a thief that has cased your residence and it can discover the path that the thief takes to disable the camera before it happens.