Tips to Staying Safe While Traveling the World

The world isn’t dangerous and unkind. The advantages of going someplace new far outweigh the risks. But that doesn’t mean you have to leave your common sense at home. Below are some tips on how to stay safe while traveling the world.

Do some research

Before you go to any place you haven’t been before, do some research about the safe and not-so-safe neighborhoods.

Always book your lodging well in advance and try to stay somewhere where you can check in day or night. You want a place that won’t have you on the street with a big suitcase.

Be alert

Traveling is a distraction. You can get so amazed with all the new things to see and do that you push other things like staying safe out of your mind.

Don’t carry all your money together

When traveling, carry your money in the opposite way to what you do at home. Only bring enough cash for your needs and maybe one credit/debit card. Put the rest in your hotel locker.

Don’t flash the cash

This is true of your own place of residence, but it’s increased when you travel. Such things as standing on the street talking really loud on your iPhone or wearing pricey jewelry are no-nos.

It’s best to take only what you need travelling, nothing of any sentimental value. Buy a cheap phone, bring older, nice outfits and leave the family heirloom at home.

A back-up plan

This means doing all that tedious pre-trip stuff that just might save your butt such as:

  • Buying travel insurance for all you plan on doing like wingsuit diving, bungee jumping, and scuba diving.
  • Making copies of your credit/ debit cards (front and back) visa, and passport.
  • Keep one set in your travel bag and one in your pocket. If they get lost or stolen, you can take the copies to the embassy.
  • Divide your medication between your pocket and travel bag. If you lose one, you still have enough left.