Ways to Keep Your Kids Safe During Halloween (Part I)

Children love Halloween and as their parents, we love seeing their excitement but, it’s important to keep them safe.

For many children, Halloween is one of the most exciting nights of the year and it’s easy to know why. After all, when else do children get to dress up as their favorite character, get lots of candy, and stay up past their bedtime?

But for parents who want to be sure of a safe holiday, Halloween dangers seem to be lurking around each corner. Don’t get caught up in urban legends and sensationalized stories about sharp, dangerous objects buried in candy or criminals driving around among the children. The real danger on Halloween is motor vehicle accidents involving young children.

According to studies, kids are more than twice as likely to be hit by a vehicle on Halloween than on any other day of the year. That’s scary news, but parents can proactively prep their little Halloween ghosts and goblins to practice pedestrian safety on Halloween night. Take action with the below tips.

Create a plan for trick-or-treating
Halloween can bring logistical problems for parents with little ones. You need to pass out treats and escort your young children as they go through the neighborhood for candy. It can be tempting to send children out to trick-or-treat on their own, but if your children are under the age of 12, an adult should always go with them.

Need a resolution if mom and dad can’t divide and conquer? Get a sitter or a trusted individual to pass out candy or call on a trusted neighborhood parent who is willing to handle a group of trick-or-treaters. For kids over 12 who are responsible enough to trick-or-treat without an adult chaperone, it’s vital that they travel in a group and stick to well-lit, familiar areas. Parents: Plan in advance with your children, define trick-or-treat boundaries and set expectations about behavior, curfew, and safety.