Weaponized Cars

Weaponized cars are proof that the best defense is a good offense. What makes these cars distinctive and very deadly is they have plenty of offensive abilities, as well as defense armoring. Every year weapon fanatics, whether it is a celebrity, revolutionary fighters, or drug lord pay top dollar for the life-saving advantages an armored vehicle offers. Why not go the extra mile for something that also has the ability to put down any probable enemy?

At the top of the list is the fully weaponized Porsche Cayenne. This mean, hard

Armored Porsche Cayenne
                      via Manhattan Armor

fighting machine is all-inclusive with bullet-resistant transparent armor to glass areas. Additionally, the roof, floor, and body is armored with a ballistic composite material and steel.

Good times are with the two remote-controlled M-16s. A 3rd M-16 is hidden behind the flip-down license plate, while aerial threats can be wiped out by firing Claymore-like mines from the back of the tailgate. What you’ll be paying: $160,000 and this doesn’t include the customized weapon system.

Moving on to the Dodge Ram 3500 Heavy Duty. What this vehicle doesn’t have in actual armor, it more than makes up for with a large assortment of offensive firepower and is the envy of revolutionaries all over the world.

Many A-Team leader wannabes would murder to get their hands on the Hybrid Army Hummer. AKA the FED Bravo, this 20,000 lbs., bullet-proof, fully-armed assault mobile is the brain child of concepts taken from Detroit’s College for Creative Studies students. If spending enormous amounts of money and time at the gas pump are of no concern to you, then this combat vehicle may just be for you.

Lastly, there’s the rightly named KillDozer, which gives new meaning to the word modification. What began as your basic Komatsu D355A bulldozer was altered into something out of the Terminator.