What to Look For Before Buying a Home Security System

What to Look For in a Home Security Company Before Buying

Choosing the right home security company is vital in safeguarding your residence from fire and burglary. With so many choices in the industry these days, it could feel like a unnerving job. To help, here are some info to help you with your decision.

Certified Employees

When searching home security companies, be sure to look for those that have certified employees. These pros should have been trained by the (ESA Electronic Security Association) and NTS (National Training School). The experts who are trained via NTS have done extensive training in all sectors of electronic security.

Also, you want to know if the call service is outsourced to a third party or company monitored. When a company is U.L. certified, it has fulfilled strict monitoring and security standards and is often tested to ensure compliance. It is crucial to make sure that if a home security company says that members of their installation crew are licensed, you request to see those licenses. It can mean the difference between a home security system installed properly and one that isn’t.

Family and Friends

The best way to get a topnotch home security company is to ask family members and friends. You can find out about their experiences, why they picked this specific company, and would they use this business once more. You can check websites like Yelp, BBB, and Angie’s List for customer reviews and information on a specific company on your own.


Not shocking, price is a big factor when picking a home security business. This is why when you are quoted a price, ask what that price includes. Typically, there is a price for the security equipment and a separate monthly price for the monitoring service.